In order to inform our suppliers about the logistics processes and requirements, we provide documents and applications on the following topics.

Descripton of MTB Logistics Documents for suppliers

Template Delivery Standard

MAN Container Management Guideline

Container Manual MAN

Logistics documents issued by MAN Truck & Bus SE (MTB) and its subsidiaries (MAN Group) in the product development phase

Supplier information

This is where you can find full information on the different aspects of our contractual partnerships. You can download detailed information on our purchasing guidelines and conditions, packaging, standards and factory regulations.

To provide you with comprehensive information on our logistics strategies and supply rules, we offer documents and applications on the following subjects:

Information on logistic accessibility, logistics processes and requirements, as well as codes of practice can be found under the logistics tab.

Link to current VDA guidelines, e.g. call-off formats


Purchasing conditions MAN Truck & Bus SE

Universal load carriers MAN

Scrapping application form

List of special tools

Conditions for Special Production Equipment

Supplier applications

We provide partners with extensive information and services to ensure ongoing optimization of our working relationship. If you wish to use these applications, you will need to obtain authorized access using your company name and accounts payable number, or user name and password.

Team up with MAN Truck & Bus

MN-CM (MAN Container Management)

Standards and guidelines

Intime-Portal (exchange of invoice data)


Starter Pack for EDI-connection

Appendix - Starter Pack EDI-connection


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